CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Attends Q Con LIVE! Phoenix

CNN's Donie O'Sullivan at QCL PHX

Thanks for the publicity, Donie!

What you can’t ignore or censor, you must attempt to discredit. But it’s backfiring. You’re actually helping us reach even more people than we possibly could on our own – people that have already awakened or are just now awakening to the fact of your lies, manipulation, and indoctrination.

Thank you for driving those people to research Q so they will discover the truth for themselves. We appreciate it. Please keep up the good work!

Here’s a link to Mr. O’Sullivan’s article that came out yesterday (Mon 10/19). More “fair and balanced” reporting from the “Most Trusted Name in News,” aka, the enemy of the people.

This piece would be fine in the Opinion section, but when a reporter fails to research anything and simply repeats the attack mantra that the claims made by Qanon are baseless without citing any evidence whatsoever, it simply shows their lack of journalistic integrity and ulterior motive.

But what’s beautiful, and what the mainstream propaganda mill media cannot prevent, is that darkness is always exposed, not by attacking the darkness, but by simply turning on the lights. More and more, people are flipping on the light switch for someone else.

Nothing can stop what’s coming. The left knows it, and they are terrified of being exposed.


  • Dan

    Not surprisingly, he reported on how we were all MAGA pro-Trump and for “Save the Children”. And sold Q merch. Nothing surprising there.

    But I’m surprised he didn’t mention all the times we prayed for Trump, prayed for our nation, for each other, for the children, and how we stressed how non-violent and open to all races we all were (we had several black, brown, yellow, Latino, Chinese, Armenian, Iranian, and elderly QAnon Trump supporters there). And how Q and others all encourage people to research and think for themselves, and not blindly believe false narratives, like baseless left news sources…

    Funny how he forgot to mention all that!

    • jaconet

      An actual journalist would have mentioned ALL the facts on both sides, Dan. But he works for the deep state. It’s his job to NOT report anything positive about Q. It’s his job to spin and smear. I’m sure his handlers are very proud of him.

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