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Wednesday, August 26th, 2020


Cornerstone Payment SystemsIs your current payment processor funneling money to support the deep state?

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8kun Logo The Q Research board, where Q exclusively posts his messages, is hosted on 8kun. Without 8kun, there would be no Q drops, so 8kun is the UNofficial Platform Sponsor for the entire Q movement! Please support 8kun at Keystone Trading Post for official 8kun stickers, 8kun Coffee, and Is It Wet Yet? for link back services.
Q Con Live T-shirt WATNN Q Gear is the official Q Merchandise Sponsor for Q Con LIVE! events. QGear.NET uses the MAGAzon affiliate e-commerce platform to create a one-stop marketplace for everything Q on a no-risk profit-sharing basis! If you sell any Q-related merchandise, become a Q Gear Affiliate and let us promote your best-selling SKUs to the Q Con LIVE! audience.
Q Patriot Coffee Logo Q Patriot Coffee is the official Coffee Sponsor for Q Con LIVE! events. Organic and air-roasted to remove nearly all acidity and bitterness, Q Patriot Coffee is made from the Good Stuff, which helps former foster youth to become permanently self-sustaining. Q Patriot Coffee – tastes like liberty!
Red Pill Roadshow Logo Red Pill Roadshow was founded by two Patriots when they hosted The Great Awakening Rally in Washington DC on 9/11/2019. RPR has partnered with Q Con LIVE! as the official Registration Sponsor to manage the registration process and to produce free outdoor events in conjunction with each Q Con LIVE! event.
Dave Hayes Praying Medic Calm Before The Storm Book Image Dave Hayes, aka Praying Medic, is one of the top researchers, decoders and citizen journalists in the Q movement, and a true Patriot. He is a very humble guy who would never ask for any sort of Sponsorship, but like all of us, he needs to earn a living and pay his bills, too. So we want to support him and his efforts financially by encouraging everyone to buy his book, “Calm Before The Storm,” which is Book 1 in his new Q Chronicles series.
Red Pill Living Logo Dustin Nemos’ Red Pill Living e-commerce site is the official Non-Q Merchandise Sponsor. At Red Pill Living, they believe that Mankind is undergoing a great awakening, taking back their health and health information from Big Pharma. And creating a better world for all people.
Robertson Comm Logo White PNG Scott Robertson, principle at RobertsonComm, is a master at understanding the human psyche and creating magnetic attraction for brands by focusing on the customer and helping him get what he actually wants. Scott’s proven philosophy is really quite simple, “it’s not about you, it’s about them.” As the official Brand/PR/Media Relations Sponsor, RobertsonComm advises and assist us at Q Con LIVE! to deliver the experience you want, and not what we think it should be.
Cornerstone Payment Systems Logo - stacked PNG With all the censorship, de-platforming and de-monitization taking place against Patriots these days, Cornerstone Payment Systems was selected to be the official Payment Processing Sponsor for Q Con LIVE! because they believe in freedom. You will never be de-platformed and left to fend for yourselves with Cornerstone in your corner.
Hazmat Logo HAZMAT has 30 years of experience in environmental and waste management services including: Certified Destruction, Waste Management Hazardous / Non-Hazardous, Site Remediation/Recycling Alternatives, Emergency Response, Industrial Cleaning, Bin and Containment Rental, Biohazards and Sharps, Contaminated Property Investigation, Contaminated Soil Cleanup, E-Waste, Excavation, Lab Packing, Recycling Services, Roll-off Services, Universal Waste, and Vacuum Services.
Is It Wet Yet? logo Cancel culture is working around the clock to censor independent voices. It’s more important than ever that you stand up for your rights and exercise them. Deplatforming is on the rise and big tech is moving towards ever more restricted sandbox platforms. We believe that is a step backward. Make the choice to move forward with us and reject online censorship. Who are we? Is It Wet Yet was born from the blues in Mississippi. We’re irreverent, we support the freedom of speech, and we continue working to bring you new technology to keep it free for everyone. We’ve got several projects in the works to support this goal.
Martin Geddes Gallery Logo Martin Geddes is a true citizen journalist Patriot in the Q movement, having written several exemplary articles over the past few years. His photography is as beautiful as his writing! He says that his photographs are mostly taken on ordinary travels in his daily life. He is based in London, and specializes in cityscapes, landscapes, and capturing the beauty of the ordinary that others might have missed.


The cross-pollination of multiple like-minded groups at Q Con LIVE! events puts sponsors in direct communication with hundreds if not thousands of new individuals that match their existing buyer demographics.

Sponsorship Packages and pricing will vary from region to region depending on audience size and demographics. Single event and multi-region packages will both be made available. As an incentive, we will be offering discounts and more flexibility with regard to customization for those sponsors that sign up early.

Some options that will be included in Sponsorship Packages are:
– Regional Venue Sponsorship
– A/V Sponsorship
– Internet Access/WiFi Sponsorship
– Sponsor Table in Conference Area – location preference based on first-come, first-served
– Inclusion in broadcast emails and social media marketing
– Inclusion in print marketing (if available – will vary by region)
– Short Promotional Presentation at beginning of Keynotes/General Session
– Short Promotional Presentation at beginning of relevant Breakout Sessions
– Option to provide Moderator for Panel Presentations
– Logo/Ad with Link on QCon LIVE! website & social media pages
– Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, &/or Networking Reception Sponsorships
– Attendee Bag and Branded Swag Sponsorships
– Online Registration Sponsorship
– Controlled Use of Registered Attendee Lists

As mentioned, customization of multi-option and multi-region packages will be made available.

If you’re already a sponsor or advertiser for one or more Q researchers, decoders or journalists, or if you otherwise have a product or service that you feel would benefit the Q Con LIVE! attendee base, please contact us at sponsorship@QCon.LIVE, call us at (888) 676-EXPO, or complete the Contact Form.