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By and large, Q Con LIVE! presenters, sponsors, and attendees are Patriots that love America, our Constitution, and the rule of law equally applied. We stand strongly for the sovereignty of nations and against globalism.

We are digital soldiers, fighting to reveal truth and expose evil, and to bring those perpetrators of evil to justice. We seek to restore Constitutional rights and freedoms to all Americans, and for America to once again become One Nation Under God (2 Chr 7:14).

The Q Con LIVE! event series brings the online community offline to mingle and network together, and to learn from one another in informal, interactive, in-person conferences around the country.

There are significant hard costs, labor, and other support issues associated with producing these events that are not always completely covered by sponsorships and ticket sales, so we are asking for additional financial assistance through one-time and recurring donations.

We are grateful for any and all contributions. Thank you for your support.

Where we go one, we go all!


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