The First Ever Q Con LIVE! is Officially a Wrap

Q Con LIVE! Virtual Pre-Launch Behind the Scenes Studio Shot

Thank you to Dave Hayes, Jim Watkins and Paul Preston for a really fun and informative session today.

And thank you to all the Patriots who joined us in real time. We had 1259 total registrations and about 4x that number hit the LiveStream landing page link in the first hour of the broadcast!!

If you were unable to join us in real time this morning, don’t worry. We will be posting the full 2-hour video for free viewing here on QCon.LIVE sometime between now and next Friday, July 3rd. If you’re on our email list, you’ll be notified when it is posted.

Q Con LIVE! Virtual Pre-Launch – it’s a wrap!

But we’re only just getting started…

We are the News now.


  • Charles

    Thanks for reporting on Q Con Live. Americans need news sources like this in order to help us distinguish the fake news from the facts.

    Keep them coming QCon Live.

    Good job done by the QCon Live staff for the premiere webcast.

    • jaconet

      Thank you for your kind comments. Next up is an event produced by QanonEvents.com – the Mt. Rushmore July 4th QBQ in Sturgis, SD. Visit their website for details or QCon.LIVE/QBQ to register. Our wonderful Title Sponsor, Cornerstone Payment Systems, is making livestreaming of the event available, too, so be sure to look into watching online if you can’t make it in person. Our next Q Con LIVE! is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 1st in San Diego. If you signed up for our email list, you’ll receive notifications when that is confirmed.

    • jaconet

      I’m very sorry you and others were unable to get in on Saturday. This was our very first livestream event ever, so there was a bit of a learning curve. Our sincerest apologies to all of you for your troubles. We’ll try to do a better job with the instructions in our emails so you won’t be left out next time around. Thank you for your feedback and support, Joanne!

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