The Q Movement – Background

The Q movement started when a team of military intelligence professionals known as Q started anonymously dropping posts in late October 2017 on a message board on 4chan. The posts quickly moved to 8chan and remained there until late 2019 when the host refused to continue to provide service. The board and posts resurfaced later in 2019 when the 8chan board owner recreated everything as 8kun and found a new host.

The Q team are believed to be part of the Trump administration with the highest levels of security clearance. The purpose of the Q movement is to provide truth to the American people (and people around the world) about the corrupt and evil globalist deep state cabal that has been pulling the puppet strings behind the scenes for the last several decades to keep people in subjection and debt around the world.

In many cases, the information presented in Q posts cannot just be stated outright as it could be a security violation for the Q team to do so. Instead, the information is often presented using the Socratic method of posing questions and leading the reader to discover the answers on their own through publicly available sources. Q followers are always encouraged to think for themselves, not just to take what is presented as factual, but to conduct their own research.

The truth is that a corrupt deep state cabal DOES exist and is holding hostage our Constitution, and thereby our rights and freedoms guaranteed by such. They are engaged in human trafficking, sex trafficking, child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, pedophile rings, satanic rituals, cannibalism, and more. Because these truths are so heinous and difficult to believe, breaking this information to the public is a delicate operation, so it is being revealed slowly, one piece at a time, so regular people like you and me will be able to see it for what it is and realize it’s not just a bad dream, but that this stuff is really happening right underneath our noses every single day – and it must be stopped!

God’s justice, not man’s.


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